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About 30 percent of new single-family homes built later than 2013 have at least a partial basement.

Other than being the area of the house people don’t see, (and, therefore, usually the place you’re allows to leave blankets strewn about,) what are people doing with that area?

The “man cave” or basement rec room has become a critical area for many families. Whether or not it is the men in the family who use it to get away, or it is a space that everyone can enjoy, having a man cave allows you to create a spot that is perfect for YOU—without worry that it fits in with the rest of the house or impresses guests.

However, just because it is a relaxing getaway does not mean that you can only furnish it with old couches and tin gas station signs. We’ve put together five ways that you can take the man cave concept to the next level.

1. Add a Multipurpose Table

You want to be able to do more than just sit and watch TV in this space, right? Consider a convertible table and chairs.

Having the ability to sit at the table for a small meal is awesome, but if you could flip the tabletop or add a cover and use the same area to play poker or board games, you’ll have a true winner on your hands.

Also, having the extra table in place can come in handy when your household has additional guests for another occasion (such as a holiday dinner). Like Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.” Just don’t forget that those frequent friends need some comfortable seating too!

2. A Smart TV

Just because this is a “man cave” doesn’t mean that you should be relegated to using that old, outdated television.

Consider a smart TV or adding a device like a Chromecast or Roku. With a Smart TV, you can watch Netflix, Amazon Prime and the streaming services available from your cable TV company (if you have cable—since around one in five families is cutting the cord.)

Now, you won’t be tied to watching whatever happens to be on TV at the time. That makes this space very appealing to the whole family. Also, it gives you a great space to watch the reality TV shows or controversial team sports that you don’t want guests to see in your queue.


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3. Personal Touches

Don’t let this space become boring and unfriendly. Adding a few personal touches, like photographs or memorabilia from your college days gives everyone who visits a peek into what makes you, you.

You may consider having old photos turned into canvas décor at a photo shop or using matching frames to give the room a finished look.

4. A Refrigerator

While you may not be lucky enough to have a full-size fridge in your man cave, picking up a mini version is not that expensive. When you install this simple piece into your space, it becomes more than just another room—it becomes a real getaway.

With your refrigerator, you can keep soda, beer or other drinks close at hand and be able to enjoy serving your friends and family a quick snack from your space. Because who wants to walk upstairs for something as trivial as thirst?

5. Something for the Kids

If you have children, you know that the man cave will be a family cave. That’s okay! However, if you design a kid-friendly area in the space, you may be able to keep this somewhat under control. Think about a Lego table or a couple of kid-sized recliners to finish off the room.

As you can see, there are a lot of great concepts that can be used to make your man cave a truly beautiful space.

One final thing you may need to consider is storage. If you would like to reclaim some of that space for household storage, but don’t want to ruin the look of your space, why not consider a Murphy Door? Our easy-to-install bookshelf door allows you to add extra storage anywhere, and still keep a clean, attractive design.

Check out our website for more information. We can’t wait to help you finish that man cave project so you can relax and enjoy this special room in your home!

About Murphy Door

What is a Murphy Door? It’s a functional bookshelf that is also a door, giving you multiple uses for your space, like: hiding notoriously messy rooms, providing an additional level of security for safes and panic rooms, or just making an otherwise boring doorway into an exciting design element for your home or office.

Our products are available for purchase online, and we can ship anywhere in the world. We feature ready-to-ship, custom, and do-it-yourself door models like, Flush Mount and Bifolding Surface Mount), and even French Style or Barn doors, with a bunch of options available for each. You can find a complete outline of our products and currently-available options here.

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Pinterest Worthy Storage Solutions for Your Small Space Mon, 05 Dec 2016 15:58:31 +0000 Pinterest Worthy Storage Solutions for Your Small Space

While most of us would love to have a huge basement or attic full of custom shelving to store our treasures (and the junk we can’t bear to let go), the truth is that not every home has that kind of space available. Even though the typical home has 2600 square feet, apartments, condominiums, duplexes and even tiny houses simply don’t have enough storage—unless you get creative. We’ve gathered a few of these creative concepts together for your perusal. Perhaps one of these will spark some ideas that will work in your space.


Choose Thin, Monochromatic Shelves for a Floating Effect

White floating shelves in a living space against a white wall with decorative pieces on the shelves

Too many shelves can make a room look and feel cluttered. However, you can reduce this impact by utilizing thin shelves in the same color as your walls. Painting shelves the same color makes them nearly disappear and the items you store will appear to float. This shelving concept can allow you to cleverly store books and other media without making the room feel too full.




Don’t Forget the Ceiling

If you need storage for large items, such as bicycles, electronics, and unused luggage, think about the space above your head. Installing hooks or a series of hooks and pulleys can make it easy for you to take advantage of unused space above your head.


Multipurpose Furniture is a Must

dark brown coffee table with hidden storage compartment


When you are short on space, you don’t have the luxury of furniture that only fills one need. Consider a coffee table that has storage within or use a reclining sofa instead of a standard seat and ottoman. Think about how you can get more function from every piece you own. (Hidden doors, anyone?)




Add Furniture to the Bathroom

bathroom storage shelves filled with towels

One of the most underutilized rooms in the home is often the bathroom. Consider the helpful impact it would make to add a small shelving unit to your bathroom. This could serve as a linen closet or overflow storage for supplies like shampoo and tissue paper. With the average home having at least two bathrooms, the space you open up in other rooms can be incredible.



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Make Friends with Susan—Lazy Susan  

image of a lazy susan with pots and pans on top



In the kitchen, there is no better tool for expanding your space than the lazy Susan. Utilizing a small one in the spice cabinet, a large one for your pots and pans, and perhaps one in your pantry will open up space that you never knew was wasted.






Create a Cabinet

An old bookshelf, a spring-tension rod, and a curtain can be fashioned into a cabinet ideal for storing items out of sight. This homemade cabinet can be a good choice for under stairs storage or for taking advantage of space in your bedroom or office. Storage doesn’t have to be unattractive!


Realize that an Open Floor Plan Doesn’t Mean No Storage

image of a kitchen and living room with an open floor plan

According to “Most homes built within the past ten years have been designed with an open floor plan, catering to a more relaxed, but busy lifestyle.” Open floor plans are notorious for their lack of storage. But, this doesn’t have to be the case. Consider a half-shelf to separate rooms or turn a seldom-used breakfast bar in the kitchen into a more useful bookshelf/game table. You can add a few simple pieces between rooms without sacrificing the openness of an open floor plan.



We hope these ideas are useful as you work on expanding your storage options in your small home.

Looking for an additional source of storage that can add high-end appeal to your home:  Check out the ready-to-ship and custom shelving options available from The Murphy Door.

The door shelving units are cleverly designed to fit within a doorway, allowing you to place a shelf in a space that would otherwise be wasted. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our product, feel free to reach out to us for advice. We look forward to helping you with all your storage solutions.

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Styling Your Bookcase And Concealing Your Murphy Door Mon, 28 Nov 2016 17:21:58 +0000 a {color: #2ea3f2; text-decoration: underline;}

Styling Your Bookcase And Concealing Your Murphy Door

Creating visual interest in your bookshelves can add style and function to your interior space. If you are looking for a few ways to incorporate artwork, decorative objects, plants, and of course books into your shelves we have broken it down into a few easy steps. When you include a Murphy Door into your interior, these approaches will make your secret door blend seamlessly into your space.

Image of a section of a library with tall bookcases filled with books.

Filling Your Shelves

The first thing to consider is how full you will want your shelves to be. You may want to have a full library of books or simply highlight a select few as part of the decor. When you begin to fill the shelves, consider breaking up the way you stack them to add visual interest. Bigger tomes that don’t quite stand upright on your shelves can be the basis for a horizontal stack of books. If you start with larger books and go smaller as you stack, the visual weight of the graduated sizes will enhance the overall look of your bookcase. You can also encourage a diagonal lean to vertically stacked books, some people often purposely use this to create a pattern in their book stacking.

Considering Negative Space

Image of two shelves on a wall with decorative pieces


Allowing negative space (the space around an object or form) in your styling is an important part of bringing focus and breathing room between the items on your shelves. One way to use negative space is to crowd together some items while leaving space around pieces that you would like to showcase. As explains, “When used creatively and intelligently, positive and negative space together can tell a story using visual composition alone.” A photo, an award, a signed baseball, or artwork can become a focal point on a shelf by increasing the negative space around it in comparison to other objects.

Incorporating Decorative Items

Image of a black bookshelf along a wall filled with books, board games, and decorative pieces

If you plan on a fuller library, you can add a few touches of decorative items tucked in with the books. Consider adding small objects or bookends, especially if you have a long row of similarly sized or colored books on a single shelf. For shelving that concentrates more on the overall styling and less on creating a library, incorporate decorative pieces that are sculptural in shape, especially ones that contrast the form or color of the books around it. Vases, small clocks, tchotchkes, and memorabilia can easily be featured this way. You can create a little vignette of items nestled on the shelf between stacks of books, or add them to a small pile of horizontally laid titles.

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Bringing in the Green

Image of a white shelf on a wall with decorative pieces.

Bookshelves are a great opportunity for adding plants to your decor. You can have a little bit of the natural world in your home without taking up floor space or overwhelming a table. A cascade of leaves or a well-edited potted plant can add to the decorative elements of your bookshelves. It is important to consider the amount of light that will reach the plants on your shelves. You don’t want full sunlight for shade-seeking plants, and you don’t want plants that will droop due to lack of light. Also, when it comes to watering (and spillage), make sure items surrounding your plant won’t be affected by an errant drop or two.

Displaying Art

Image of two long shelves with decorative pieces and portraits of different art.


Artwork is an excellent way to dress up your shelves. You can play with color, motifs, and sizes of art to create a unique and visually appealing display. Shelves that are at eye level are the best spot for featuring art or photographs. If your shelves are near a sitting area (such as a dining or living room), consider displaying at a seated eye level rather than a standing one. You can also incorporate repetition with your artwork. By repeating sizes, patterns, or layout over adjacent shelves you can pull the whole bookshelf look together. Repetition is a principle of design that is proven to create visual emphasis or focus.

Playing with Color

Image of two shelves on a wall filled with books and decorative pieces.


The human brain responds acutely to color and color combinations. You can use that to your advantage when styling your bookshelves. A new trend with this in mind is to group books by color, and many people have taken to creating a rainbow effect across their bookshelves. Other people use a single bold color sprinkled throughout their display. If you want something that is eye catching, you might choose a warmer color; two-thirds of the cones in your eye are used to process the longer wavelengths of color (like reds, oranges, and yellows). This means that you can see a wider variation in color. Consider incorporating a surprising pink or a high chroma yellow sprinkled into your bookcase decor.



Once you decide on a style direction, the shelving on your Murphy Door will blend seamlessly into your space and make your hidden doorway tucked away more than ever before.


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6 Hidden Passageways in Castles, Manors, and More Mon, 21 Nov 2016 20:05:18 +0000 6 Hidden Passageways in Castles, Manors, and More

If you’ve ever come across one, you probably know how that fantasy-like addition to your home becomes a true craving. The mystery and intrigue that comes with discovering or experiencing a secret passage inspire the need to have one. Murphy Doors are, of course, perfect for secret passages; a seemingly innocent bookshelf is the perfect entrance to a system of hidden hallways.

Need some inspiration? This post is the answer!

Since ancient times and across cultures around the world, hidden passageways have been built into buildings for safety and secrecy. From notable true stories to famed examples in fiction and movies, we have gathered a list of six different secret passages in history and pop culture.

1. Bran Castle

Image of a secret passageway located inside Bran Castle

Located in Transylvania, Bran Castle looks like it was plucked right out of a storybook and has held a secret passage that went undiscovered for years. In 1920 it underwent some renovations, and during that process a passage that leads from the third floor to the first was discovered. Many hidden passages in movies are connected through a door in a fireplace, and for this castle that is truly how the secret passage is accessed. Often mistaken for having ties to Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula due to it’s setting in Transylvania, Bran Castle’s historical background is tied to the Saxons.

2. Sherlock Holmes

Statue of Sherlock Holmes

In recent pop culture, there has been a resurgence of interest in the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his crime solving mastermind, Sherlock Holmes. In the recent movies directed by Guy Richie, there have been a lot of critical acclaim for the art direction, specifically when it comes to seeing how Holmes interprets and notices clues. In Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows, there is a sequence in a wine cellar where they need to escape without a clear way out. This scene is unique for a hidden door list because you get a snapshot into how the secret passage is built through the keen observations of Holmes. As always, they make a deft escape just in the nick of time.

3. Mont Sainte-Odile

Exterior image of Mont Sainte-Odile

The secret passageway in this French monastery was only recently discovered due to a real life book thief. A true locked room mystery, for two years over a thousand rare and historical book went missing in a private library. In 2002 it was discovered, with the help of a police investigation, that the books were being smuggled out by a local teacher through a secret passage. Hidden behind a bookcase was a door that had been discovered by the teacher when he came across some old maps of the monastery. Concerned for the condition of the books, he began removing them in an attempt to save them from destruction. As The Telegraph reported at the time, “At his home, 1,000 more stolen books were found. All were undamaged, neatly stacked on shelves and catalogued by subject.” Once discovered, he was ordered to serve community service by aiding the monastery in the care and cataloging of the books he stole.

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4. Clue

Plastic toy characters from the gameboard Clue placed on top of the board

Whether you have played the board game or enjoyed the cult classic movie with its various endings, the game Clue is well known for its use of hidden passageways. It may have been Professor Plum, with the candlestick, in the conservatory who had done it, but to get there he just might have taken the secret doorway that leads to the study. Alternatively, he could have also used the one that leads from the kitchen to the lounge as well. This game shows how quintessential the ties between a good mystery and hidden passages really are.

5. Mingary Castle

Aerial view of Mingary Castle

Located in Scotland, this ruin of a castle had its hidden passages enclosed for close to 500 years. Recently, the current owner of the castle began the task of restoring the castle and discovered the secret passages along with a room or two. It is believed that the passages were blocked for added reinforcement against canon fire between the 15th and 16th centuries. As reported in the Daily Mail, “The 13th-century castle has lain untouched since it was abandoned more than 200 years ago.”

6. Indiana Jones

Exterior image of Castle Brunwald

Set in 1938, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Jones finds himself searching for his father at Castle Brunwald during the thick of Nazi occupation. They are both held captive and while trying to escape a burning room they manage to uncover a hidden passage to a secret Nazi communications room. The spinning fireplace door provides both comic relief and tension to this classic movie.




While your home may not have the mystery, intrigue, or need to withstand canons, you might aspire to bring a hint of secrecy to your home and incorporate a hidden door or passageway. With a Murphy Door installed in your home, you will join the ranks of Egyptian pyramids, medieval castles, monastery libraries, and detective stories with its own secret.


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7 Ways To Incorporate A Wine Cellar Into Your Home Wed, 05 Oct 2016 19:47:04 +0000 Designing a wine room for your home can be the perfect way to enjoy your favorite bouquet at the end of a long day or share your favorite reserve with friends. Because everyone has varied tastes in both wine and design, here are seven different ways to incorporate a wine room into your home.

1. Wine Bar

wine bar hidden doorway bookshelf

Unsuspecting guests think this bookshelf is only for books.

bookshelf opening to wine cellar

This bookshelf leads to something much more exciting.

For the wine connoisseur that enjoys the atmosphere of an intimate bar setting, you may consider creating an in-home wine bar. You can display your favorite bottles on the back bar and have every glass or decanter you might need to serve up your favorite reds and whites.

With a bookcase to display your World Atlas of Wine and Great Domaines of Burgundy, you can create a hidden door to your best bottles in your attached hidden wine cellar.   

2. Cellar

wine cellar with stone floor 

If you have a small basement or a closet under a set of stairs, this might be the perfect spot for a proper wine cellar. With temperature controlled refrigeration and scalloped, column, or diamond cube storage, you can find a variety of ways to get the look and feel you want. An excellent wine cellar often has brick, stone, and aged woodworking details for wall and flooring materials.


3. French Countrybookshelf hidden doorhidden doorway for wine closet

If you have built a small collection of village wines from an inspired trip to Burgundy, you may consider bringing a little of the French style into your wine storage. With limestone colored stonework, aged wood details, and a touch of wrought iron, you might just find the right style for your design. For more authentic details, use tumbled stone in uneven shapes and sizes; the variation in texture and dimension will bring a truly French feel to the space. This and other French door styles may be the perfect way to bring a bit of French feel into your wine storage.

As Loren Sonkin stated in a recent article, “…when Burgundy is good, it can be ethereal.  It can provide those wine drinking experiences that few places on Earth can.”

4. Wine Nookhidden nook wine storage

Many people have added reading nooks to their home — a relaxing spot hidden away from commotion where one can relax and escape with a story. If you are more of a wine person (or just enjoy pairing a good book with a glass of wine), consider creating a wine nook within your home. It can have a relaxing place to sit, a small sideboard for your wine bottles and glasses, and (of course) a place to put your feet up at the end of your day.

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5. Italian Grotto

The Wine Folly website states, “If you tasted a new Italian wine each week, it would take you 20 years to taste your way through Italy.” If Italy is where you found your love of wine, then it might be more fitting to style your home cellar after an Italian grotto design.  With stucco-covered bricks, well-trodden stone flooring, and walls stacked with several Chianti, Moscato, and possibly a Montepulciano or two, it will be the perfect spot to uncork a bottle. For wooden features, consider heavily timbered architectural details and furnishings. 


modern hidden door for wine cellar hidden door for wine cellar

6. Modern

If you are looking to create a modern take on the wine cellar, there are many ways you can design your space. With sleek finishes and clean lines, you can rid your decor of ornamentation and celebrate the form and function of a wine cellar. You might find stainless steel, concrete, glass, or exotic wood to be materials and inspirations for your modern wine storage. The great thing about going modern with your space is the various innovations available for wine display. You can play with acrylic, glass, or metal for holding your wine collection and forgo the traditional wood storage. You may even create for your home something that resembles a wine vault rather than a wine cellar.

7. Speakeasy

There was nothing like the camaraderie and secrecy of enjoying a few spirits with like-minded souls in a speakeasy during Prohibition. With hidden doors, secret knocks, and passwords, it was the place to loosen your tie and relax while enjoying jazz music and dancing. While most people think of liquor when it comes to a speakeasy, wine was very much in production during the 1920s. Many wine producers stocked up before the Volstead Act came into effect, and it has been reported that after the act had passed, producers sold 141 million bottles of wine within a three-month period. If you want to create that same ambiance within your home, consider a wooden bar with classic brass details, jazz age styling, and a hidden compartment or doorway. Hang a few Stetson fedoras or cloche hats on a rack and you’ll have a space that Ernest Hemingway would love.


Dazzling Decor Trends of 2016 Wed, 21 Sep 2016 17:18:10 +0000 It’s time to remodel, and you need to know what design elements are trending. Why make the investment in a kitchen or bath design that’s only going to be obsolete within the year? Or worse — one that was never in vogue at all. This year’s trending decor is fun, functional and features a versatility that gives double bang for your designer buck. Opt for sturdy pieces that are both quirky and eye-catching as well as pieces that offer convenient storage in unexpected ways. This will ensure your newly renovated rooms keep you happy for years to come. This year’s hottest design trends feature prints, finishes and shapes that you may never have anticipated, and you’re going to love the outlandishness of them all.

Flashback Florals

1929 Farmhouse Renovation


Remember that 1980s couch that sat, sturdy and serviceable, in your parent’s family room for decades? Everyone could pile on at once to watch “CHiPs” because it was big as an overstuffed river barge? It’s back — fabric-wise at least. Some call them granny florals; others call them retro, but whatever the label, those vintage flowered fabrics are regaining popularity in today’s modern homes. Couches, easy chairs, pillows and drapes now feature those brown and gold and blue and green combinations that defined your childhood, and designers are once again desperate to recreate that look your mom perfected over 30 years ago.

Black Stainless Steel

Samsung Canada


But while living rooms and sun rooms are basking in vintage-inspired decor, 2016 kitchens are all about contemporary. Enter the sleek, modern appeal of black stainless steel. Featuring all the advantages of regular stainless, the black version of this popular appliance finish hides smudges and fingerprints deceptively well while coordinating seamlessly with nearly every other finish in the room, from hardwood to marble. Add in a high-end appeal, and you have the perfect appliance finish for the modern kitchen.

Mismatched Cabinetry

Colorful Kitchen


Matchy-matchy is out. Eclectic is in. And mixing light-colored uppers with bottom cabinets that feature dark finishes are now the norm. Not even materials have to match anymore, and if you’re a fan of more than one type of wood, it’s perfectly acceptable to incorporate the gamut — maple, cherry, pine. Anything goes in today’s trendy and contemporary homes — as long as it’s cozy and eye-catching at the same time.


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Shaped Mirrors

Carmel Retreat


Blocky is out; character is in. So say goodbye to large, rectangular mirrors that take up the entire wall above the sink, and welcome in smaller mirrors that boast intriguing shapes. Frameless mirrors that echo the outlines of flowers, waves and clouds are trending and not just for the bath. Some savvy designers are outfitting entire feature walls in these cute and classic configurations.

Murphy Doors

White Surface Mount Bifolding Bookcase Door in Upscale Living Room

Minimalist living is all the rage. Tiny homes and limited belongings are the trend in 2016. This makes the Murphy door a perfect choice of hideaway furniture for the well organized home. Murphy doors are interior doors that incorporate a bookcase into the design. When installed, they look like a built-in, instead of a door, and make the perfect security measure for gun safes, man caves or any other room that benefits from being hidden away. As an added perk, they do double duty, acting as both a passageway through and storage for anything that fits easily on a bookshelf.

Keep these modern techniques in mind this year if you’re planning a room remodel. By incorporating these trendy yet timeless design elements into your own home, you’ll create an atmosphere that’s functional for your family while still being fashionable enough to make even the stuffiest neighbor jealous. You can have that home that’s the envy of the block. All it takes is an experienced designer and a leg up on what’s happening in the world of fashionable decor this year.

Six DIY Decor Projects Your Living Room Will Love Fri, 12 Aug 2016 17:28:25 +0000

Sometimes, the most difficult part of creating a cozy, cohesive space lies in accessorizing. Living rooms, especially, need that little added touch of personalization to tie them together. But after maxing out your budget on the remodel, purchasing a roomful of expensive accent pieces may not be in the cards. Luckily, there are tons of inexpensive DIY projects you can craft that look anything but chintzy.

1. Apothecary Treasures

Once used to hold a variety of eclectic herbs and spices in apothecary shops of old, today’s apothecary jars come in a delightful assortment of shapes, both with and without lids, that makes decorating with odds and ends an attractive and viable option. Fill them with sand, shells and candles, small gourds, colorful marbles or even candy pieces to make fun and functional decor that’s both eye-pleasing and affordable.

2. Teacup Succulents

echeveria succulent rosette in ceramic mug with blurred bright yellow green background copyspace, tray of small succulent plants growing outdoors

Small succulents planted in vintage teacups make adorable bookshelf decor. Whether you have built-ins, a Murphy door or just a wall filled with open shelving, small, green succulents not only help purify the air, they make gorgeous accents for anyone who loves the look of natural decor. And if you’re short on colorful teacups, stop by nearly any thrift shop or local estate sale to stock up.

3. Map Decor

Maps can be used to cover just about anything you can dream up — lampshades, dresser drawers, wall canvas, oversized letters or cardboard boxes. And once completed, they add international flair to your living room. Most projects simply require the item that’s being covered, the map, a sharp pair of scissors, a bottle of decoupage medium and a brush. Few projects are easier than using an assortment of interesting maps to decorate all the boring corners of any room.

4. River Rock Coasters

Whether you need a hot mat for the kitchen countertop or a coaster for the coffee table, mats made from river rock are attractive and look high-end. They trap heat and moisture and keep it away from delicate countertops and flooring while bringing an element of the outside in. You can also use river rock as an affordable and attractive alternative to vase filler, back splashes and shower flooring.

5. Framed Leaf Prints

preparations for autumn craft with kids. Herbarium from dried leaves. Learning children at home, fall nature collage.

Colorful, dried leaves pressed inside backless photo frames make classic wall art. Simply collect, press and dry leaves from a variety of trees to make a collection of interesting shapes and colors and arrange them in a grouping with lots of white space surrounding them.

6. Painted Rugs

Need a rug to tie your living room grouping together but having trouble affording that oriental version you saw in the window of your favorite design shop? A painted floor cloth might be the answer. Keep it simple by sticking to easy geometric designs such as chevrons or concentric squares that can be easily taped or sketched into place. Mother Earth News publishes a perfect tutorial on how to paint your own floor cloth without breaking your budget.

Loving Your Space

Regardless of how stark your newly designed living room may be at the onset, once you begin filling it with your own lovingly crafted DIY treasures, it will quickly become cozy. Just remember to design pieces that fit with your overall theme to help create a cohesive feel. And don’t give in to the temptation to overshop at your local estate sales and thrift stores. This only gives way to clutter. Have a firm idea in mind of what you want to create before you go shopping, and buy only what you need for that project. Otherwise, you may find yourself with an entire room, shed or garage filled with scrap lumber, old picture frames and rolls of vintage wallpaper. DIY decorating is a fun and affordable way to fill a home with love, but there’s a fine line between crafty and cluttered. Take care not to cross it.

Trendy Doors for Your Home Wed, 27 Jul 2016 20:38:34 +0000

Trendy Doors for Your Home

When it comes to design, highlighting the entrance (or exit) to a room can be a knockout focal point in your space. So much of architecture and design focuses on the sense of entry into a building or space, because it sets the tone and the expectations of any visitor. Many people consider this to be especially true for their front door, but often don’t consider applying that same idea to interior doors. Finding a unique or interesting door style can create a design element that goes beyond the simple function of an everyday door. Here are five great trends for doors in your home:

1. French Doors

image via Decorpad

This style is always a classic door for any style of home, there is longevity to this design feature and can give a great sense of entry to a dining room, home office, or entertaining space. You can have the added advantage of treating these doors similar to windows by installing window treatments for added design and privacy. Many people are using French doors with a modern twist. Some use metal doors with larger window panes or even forgo any dividing of the window and install glass doors. One elegant design solution is to install full-height French doors, where the doors run from floor to ceiling.

2. Barn Doors

Barn doors are now being used as a feature wall or art piece that has a practical application. There is something intriguing about being able to see the exposed hardware and how the door functions that makes it a great design piece. It is a great design solution for a variety of spaces. If you don’t have the room for a swinging door or the interior wall thickness for a pocket door, the barn door is a great way to enclose a space artfully.

3. Flexible Doors


Hardware advancements have made it possible to transform rooms with the flexible door. This increased flexibility can make a home more fluid, two smaller rooms can open up and become one large gathering space. This can be designed between dining and living areas, or more popularly between indoor and outdoor spaces. The benefits of enjoying the outdoors are widely heralded as having positive effects on a person’s wellbeing, and a report from the University of Rochester states “that 90 percent of people report increased energy when placed in outdoor activities”. Previously, opening your interior and exterior was limited by sliding doors or a wall of French doors, but now doorways can become wide open spaces to benefit you and your family’s well-being.

4. Pocket Doors


Pocket doors have been a part of classic design for years and was popular in Victorian architecture. Yet, the classic design of a pocket door is a very modern way to save space and bring in some high design. Similar to movable doors, it is a great way connect two spaces into one (especially if you install double pocket doors), and similar to the barn door there isn’t a need for a door swing. When you design your home with pocket doors, you can use the hidden aspect as a design feature, by considering what the door itself will look like. By playing with the material, it can be a nice reveal when opening or closing the doors. Materials might include the traditional paneled wood doors, they could be an industrial style door with metal rivets, or even a glass-paneled door.

5. Hidden Doors

There is something both romantic and calming about having a hidden corner of your house all to yourself. Sometimes it is a place for respite and other times it is for finding a truly private spot among the more public areas of the home. A hidden door to your quiet corner of the world is a design feature that can be elegant in design and a wonderful surprise feature to those you share it with. You can welcome your friends into your library, your wine tasting room, or even a playroom for your kids. It is one door trend where the design of the space behind it is limitless. Check out our full range of hidden door options and begin imagining what will go behind your hidden door.

Customer Highlight: The Newberrys Create Sheer Beauty With Our Murphy Door Fri, 01 Jul 2016 20:24:10 +0000 The following article was published by one of our amazing customers, Newberry Interiors. You can check out the original article here.

Our friends, the Newberrys, are really on top of their interior design game. Check out how they used our Murphy Doors to add not only beautiful design to the home but extra space too. By using our Flush Mount hinge kits they built custom bookshelf doors to conceal a beautiful walk-in closet as well as a walk-in kitchen pantry. Other customers have hidden spare rooms, home offices, theater rooms or even safe rooms.

Hats off to the Newberrys on these beautiful designs! Contact Us if you have any questions about the doors featured below or any of our other hidden bookshelf doors.

White Murphy Door installed by customer Tyler Newberry

Customer installation of The Murphy Door for closet space in bedroom

Customer installation of The Murphy Door in their house with white paint


Before and After Installation of The Murphy Door by a Customer


Pantry in Kitchen turned into Murphy Door by customer


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7 Amazing Hidden Gun Storage Solutions Wed, 29 Jun 2016 15:53:58 +0000 The right to bear arms is one every homeowner in America enjoys. But if you’re one of the millions of responsible gun-owners in this nation, you know that how you store your weapons is just as important as how you carry them. Keep children, family members and friends safe by keeping your guns out of sight. Guns that aren’t readily visible are less likely to find their way into the hands of youngsters. They’re less likely to be stolen, as well. If you’re looking for savvy ways for storing guns, check out these seven sneaky gun safe ideas to get you started:

1. Murphy Door


Topping the list is the stealth installation of a Murphy bookcase door. Found at, It has all the earmarks and serves all the functions of a bookcase, with the added perk of making a room nearly invisible. Guests and visitors to your home will never know it’s a door unless you show them. Murphy bookcase doors install flush to the wall to look built-in. You and you alone are the only one who knows what weapons are safely stored in the room behind it.

2. Hidden Compartment


Apartment Therapy debuted this neat little trick for hiding stereo components and cables — a hidden compartment placed behind a television that’s mounted on a hinge. While you could use it for organization, a little alcove like this one would also work for gun storage. As long as kids don’t realize it’s there, this is the perfect little hideaway for a small collection of weaponry.

3. Retro Vending Machine

Is it a retro soda vending machine? No, it’s a gun safe. Information on this novel idea is available at the Gun Storage Solutions Blog. It’s actually a custom-made piece, but if you have the time, patience and know-how, you could give it a try.


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4. Grandfather Clock


A gun safe built into the tower of a grandfather clock is an ingenious idea that no burglar would consider. Another custom-made item, this savvy gun-storage solution was found at Custom Made. The good news is, if you can’t make it yourself, there’s someone standing by to design it for you for around $3,500.

5. CD Case


Small handguns or ammo can tuck neatly inside this hollowed-out pack of CDs. It’s not a lot of space, but if one small weapon is all you have to worry about, this will do. Just make sure to keep it up and away from the reach of curious children. While no tween wants to listen to Mom and Dad’s old favorite albums, safe is better than sorry. This gun storage solution is found at

6. Sneaky Sofa


This unexpected design was found at Survival Life and features a sofa that doubles as gun storage. It’s unclear whether this little beauty features a lock, so you want to keep that in mind before bringing it home to a house full of children. But for homes that feature adults only, this gun storage solution is a clear winner.

7. Car Seat Gun Safe


Check your local laws regarding the transportation of firearms before you adopt this attractive gun safe that was also found on Survival Life. Designed to mimic a car seat, it safely stores one rifle, ammunition and accessories. Just don’t install this model if you live in a state where taking your weapons with you is taboo.

When it comes to keeping weapons and other collectibles safely out of sight, has you covered. Stop by our website today to see all the great options that are waiting to help you turn your house into a safe, comfortable home.