Hurricane Harvey & Irma Relief | Murphy Door

Hurricane Harvey & Irma Relief

Murphy Door would like our customers in the areas affected by Hurricanes Harvey & Irma to know that we will replace all doors that have been ruined or damaged due to flooding.  Please see the list below which contains the specifications for what we need in order to build and ship your replacement doors.


  1. Verification of original purchase
    • If your door was ordered via a contractor, please have them contact us for verification.  If not possible, please contact us for alternative verification methods.
  2. Photos of damages on door and how it was damaged (water, break out etc.)
  3. Insurance claim has been filed on the home
  4. Verified insurance amount to be compensated for the Murphy Door. (If zero we will still help!)
    • If declined by insurance, please provide proof of decline
  5. Murphy Door will cover any difference between the Murphy Door insurance claim and the retail price.
  6. Provide photo proof that the damaged door has been destroyed and disposed.
  7. Delivery time will vary
    • Parts of Texas are serviced by our Kentucky distribution center so additional transfer time may be included.
  8. All shipment costs are to be covered by customer.
    • Palletization - $15.00
    • Boxing - $20.00
    • Transfer- $25.00
    • Freight - (Quote will be provided)
  9. All payments for cost of shipping, payment from insurance company or letter of decline of coverage from insurance company are required prior to shipment.
    • If time is critical and you do not want to wait for the insurance payment then you may choose to cover the Retail cost of the door and then be reimbursed by your insurance company.

Please email all photos and documents to our Customer Service department at:
Please call us if you have any questions.