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NOTE: French Door Hardware Combo Kit contains 2 Flush Mount Hardware Kits

Hidden Door Hardware Kits SHIP WITHIN 1-3 Business Days WHEN ORDERED MON-FRI.

Feel Free to compare us to our Competition!  We guarantee we are the best on the Market!

  • PATENTED Ball Bearing Lower Pivot Point Rated at 1160 Torque lbs dynamic load and 540 Lbs Static.
  • Upper pivot pin is a slip pin and not a bolt that can strip out and cause sag in just a few uses.
  • This product is for EXPERIENCED LEVEL builders ONLY!  and does NOT include design or build instructions.

Do it Yourself Hardware is For Skilled Builders and cabinet makers that DESIGN and BUILD their own door systems

Murphy Door Makes NO CLAIM to the ease of designing and building a bookcase door.   Bookcases and Cabinetry is a SKILLED profession, If you choose to design and build your own bookcase door, Murphy Door will provide you with standard hinge template dimensions of a standard bookcase door, we will not aid in any way with the design, measurements or materials required for your own customization of a door or help in the construction process of building your own door. 



Murphy Door Inc. is proud to announce the newest version of our flush mount hidden door hardware.  This new hidden door hardware is by far the best on the market.  We have added a lower bearing instead of washers for the bottom pin which provides a drasticaly smoother operation.  Second we changed the upper bolt to a smooth barrel lock bolt which eliminated the wear and tear on the upper bolt and minimizing the play from the threads wearing out.  The new smooth barrel enables you to remove the door much easier (to take with you if your moving) 

Have you always wanted to design and build your own secret passage at the end of a hallway, in a library or in your man cave.  Do you have a gun room that you would like no one to know about. How about a hidden pantry in your kitchen.  Are you a do it yourselfer or professional cabinet maker that likes woodworking, or do you have a customer requesting this unique, "Got to have this" in their home.  This hardware kit is used to design and build your own hidden door.  This unique system allows you to use one hinge to make inswing, outswing, left or right hinged doors.  Now this universal hinge system Includes all hardware to build the flush mount door system, this includes HINGES ONLY and does NOT include design or building instructions for your door systems.  If you are a retailer or contractor that would like to carry this in your store or offer it to your customers please contact us at or feel free to call us at 888-458-5911 for more information on how you can become a dealer or this very unique popular item.

FREE product pickup available to intercontinental US customers by picking one of two warehouse locations during checkout.

**Door pickup will Not change production time, All doors are built to order.  Estimated times listed are production times, and do not include shipping.

Flush Mount Hardware: $5.00 (US) / $10.00 (Canada)   Same Day shipping if ordered M-F before 12pm MST with exception of holidays

Surface Mount Hardware: $10.00 (US) / $25.00 (Canada) Same Day Shipping if ordered M-F before 12pm MST with exception of holidays

All Doors Intercontinental USA: Starting at $150.00

Standard Times to Shipment:

Unstained/Unpainted Doors: 30 days for Production (ESTIMATED) add an average of 5 days for shipping.  These are not guarantee days they are simply estimated. 

Painted/Stained Doors: 45 days for production  (ESTIMATED) add an average of 5 days for shipping.  These are not guarantee days they are simply estimated.

Custom Orders: 60-90 days production time (ESTIMATED)

All quoted dates are estimated and may vary As with everything expect the full amount of time frame for your production for shipment as the minimum to help you with your scheduling. , Murphy Door Inc. makes no guarantees on delivery dates.  They are simply an estimate and we will do our best to deliver within these estimated dates.  If you need a specific time please contact our production office and we will do the best we can to accommodate you. 

East Coast Orders

Please be aware that all East Coast orders must go through our East Coast distribution center in Kentucky.  When your order is completed it may hold for a few days in our Ogden warehouse waiting for transfer.  Once your order arrives in KY it will be sorted and shipped accordingly.  If your time frame does not facilitate for a transfer and you need your freight direct, please let us know and we will price your freight direct from Ogden Utah to your location. Please be aware average savings with distribution is over $500.00.  So don't be surprised when your freight bid is really high.

All Assembled Doors to Canada* & Alaska: +$500.00

All Unassembled Doors to Canada*: $300.00

All Doors Hawaii: +$1000.00

*All taxes for Canadian orders are the responsibility of the customer and not included in the shipping price.

We can quote shipping any where in the world but the customer is responsible for import and tarriffs.

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