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Buy a Hidden Doorway Bookshelf

Convert doorway space into useful shelving while keeping the area behind it hidden from view!

We make it easy to build and install a beautifully functional doorway bookshelf system. Kits include hinges, pivots, tracks and all of the other hardware needed, along with illustrated instructions for building a bi-fold cabinet. You can buy your shelves fully assembled and finished, or purchase just the hardware and build your own shelves. We provide a cutting list to construct a 49", 61" or 73" wide cabinet designed to overlay openings up to 4', 5' or 6' wide respectively, and up to 80" high. If you can build a simple set of book shelves, you’ll have no problem assembling a Murphy Door bookshelf system.

For narrower doorways, Murphy Doors now offers the flush mount doorway bookshelf system. This model features a flush-mounted design, with in- or out-swinging options, and fits standard 32” or 36” doorways. Like the Murphy Door, flush mount bookshelves can be purchased as a do-it-yourself hardware set, or as a finished and assembled piece of furniture. Both models are available in melamine or 3 types of wood, and can be purchased ready to stain or to install with 6 beautiful finishes.