Our top of the line hidden doors are now available in the classy and stunning walnut wood type. Now you can have the rich, beautiful swirls of color and intricate grain patterns you love in your cabinets in your very own Murphy Door.

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Creative Doorway Solutions

Our hidden door bookshelves, hardware hinge systems and other creative doorway solutions are some of the most talked about home improvement innovations today.

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Hidden Door Bookshelf & Hardware Solutions

We have quickly become one of the leaders of the indoor doorway industry providing a variety of creative solutions for both homeowners and professional builders alike.   Our bookcase doors are by far the most popular products that we offer.  These include the Flush Mounted Bookcase, Surface Mounted Bifolding Bookcase and the Flush Mounted French style.  We’ve also expanded our doorway solutions with the new line of sliding barn doors!

All of our bookshelf doors can be customized with accessories such as upper and lower cabinets and multiple types of locking systems.  You can even upgrade with specialty features like a wine rack or an automated opening system.

For the professionals who would prefer to build their own bookcase, they can easily convert it to a hidden door by using our top of the line, patented hinges in one of our hardware kits.

What is the difference between the Flush and Surface Mount?

People ask us all the time about what style they should order.  It really comes down to one main difference.  Would you like it to go inside an existing doorway to give the finished look of a built-in bookshelf that is flush with the wall, or do you have an opening you would like to conceal behind what appears to be a standard bookshelf, but is actually a bifolding bookcase that sits in front of the opening?

Why buy from us?

We’re not looking to simply sell you a product.  We want to provide you with a unique experience.  Just about everyone has wished they could have a secret room in their house and using one of our creative solutions you can easily add a secret bookcase door to your home or next project that is both beautiful and functional.  We pride ourselves on quality of our products and we want our customers to be happy.  If for any reason you are not satisfied we will gladly work with you until things have been made right.  This is why customers love to work with us and trust us with creating the perfect solutions for their needs.  We know that you will love your very own hidden door and we look forward to you joining the rapidly growing family of happy customers.