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Cabin Fever - Cabin In The Woods

The Heim Log Homes team head down south to Kosciusko, Mississippi on a journey to build a beautiful log cabin retreat on a very special piece of property deep in the backwoods. Nate also gives the log cabin look to a unique ice fishing house. - #1 Celebrity Product

Most of us over here at AskMen have been secretly dreaming of the day we can turn a bookshelf in our home into a hidden passageway like we’ve always seen in every badass home in movies, cartoons, and TV shows. And now we finally found a product to make that dream a reality…


You walk into what appears to be an ordinary house, but looks can be deceptive. That candelabra by the fireplace? It makes the hearth swivel 180 degrees, revealing a speakeasy bar. “White Noise” by Don DeLillo on the bookshelf? Pull it and the bookshelf swings to reveal a private theater.


On the list of awesome things you can put in your house, I think we can all agree that secret passageways are pretty high up there. It doesn’t matter if you’re six or sixty-five — The floor plan for your “fantasy house”undoubtedly has a couple hidden doorways in it. If it doesn’t, there’s something wrong with you.