So you’ve got a hidden door bookshelf. Now what? You can hide just about anything behind it. You could hide your secret lab where you hold dangerous science experiments. You could make a game room and a man cave that’s hidden from the world. Perhaps you’d like to hide your bedroom so your kids can’t wake you in the middle of the night. Here is what I would do behind my bookshelf door:

I would soundproof the walls, and build the ultimate home theater/office. Inside my home theater/office I would put all of my families important files and photos in a fireproof safe. From there I would install a projector and some comfy bucket seats to create the ultimate lair. From that projector I would connect my laptop and work from home. Or at least I would try to work from home.

Your hidden room is yours alone. Even if you have nothing to hide, a hidden door bookshelf will add that extra something to your home. Nothing is more interesting than a recreation of the hidden door bookshelf we have seen in mystery movies since we were children. Once you get it, make it yours.

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