Flat Panel Doors

Flat Panel Doors

Order of Doors includes:

 4 Doors required for  Lowers and/or Uppers on Surface Mounts if you want doors on both sides of cabinet

2 Doors Lowers OR Uppers or both on Flush Mounts

Cabinet Door Knobs are optional and not included at base price.

Please indicate door type in comments section on checkout

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Price: $199.00

Available Options

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Flush Mount Framing Requirements:​

  • 30" bookcase Rough Opening is 32"x82"
  • 32" Bookcase Rough Opening is 34"x82"
  • 36" Bookcase Rough Opening is 38"x82"
  • Total overall Depth 8"
  • Total inside shelf depth 7 1/4"
  • Total height 81 1/4"
  • Total width the inside dimension of jamb is the size listed on your door option
    • IE: 30" door is 30" inside to inside,
  • Outside dimension is 1 1/2" wider than the door width listed

Surface Mount Dimensions:​

  • 4' - 49" wide by 84" Tall 90.5" with Valance
  • 5' - 61" wide by 84" Tall 90.5" with Valance
  • 6' - 73" wide by 84" Tall 90.5" with Valance
  • Recommended 2x8" Header at 82" for valance support
  • Shelf Depth 8 1/4"

* Wood:    Need Help?

The common misconception is that products made with MDF are lower quality and using all solid hardwood is superior.  There is a lof of debate, but we have found that using sheets of high quality MDF core with a hardwood veneer produces a much more stable product and standard hardwoods are much more susceptible to warping with enviromental changes, such as humidity.  We ship doors all over the country and simply cannot control these enviromental changes.  For this and other reasons, we find using a high quality MDF core provides a more consistent and stable product.

For more information on MDF, please see some of the following articles we have found contain great information and explanations.



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Price: $199.00