Murphy Door

Flush Mount Bookcase (Not a Door)

Single Bookcase

Our handmade bookshelves are built with the same quality and craftsmanship that Murphy Door is known for and have quickly become the most popular product we offer.

Available Widths: 24", 28", 30", 32", 34", 36"

***  UNSTAINED OR UNPAINTED Bookshelves are available in an ESTIMATED 21-30 Days

***  Stained or painted units are 45-60 days Estimated.


Doors that are 24" or less leave a minimial pass through

Outswing you Lose 10" of pass through, For proper trim clearance you will want a minimum of 2 1/2" clearance from adjacent walls on either side to allow the trim to remain full width all the way around.

Inswing you Lose 6" of pass through.  Inswings need a minimum of 2 1/2" clearance from side of bookcase to wall or obstruction on hinge side. 

Custom Order Options:  See Custom TAB 

Hardware:  We use Murphy Doors Patented Flush Mount Hardware to make this unique and solid piece of furniture function.  Our hardware is rated at 1160 LBS dynamic load and 540 Static.

Bookcase door weight capacity:  Our doors are built to last a lifetime We have engineered our bookcases to handle 300 lb. loads on a daily basis and for daily use.  Our bookcases use a 3/4" engineered veneered MDF for structural integrity and to reduce warping.  Our bookcases have 1 1/2" tops and 1 1/2" bottoms to help carry the weight. 

Cabinet doors:  All cabinet doors are made with hardwood materials, Paint grade uses poplar.

Mag Locks:  Magnetic locking systems require wiring on customers side by a licensed electrician, all Mag lock systems are 12 volt and are inverted to 110 V.  A 110 outlet is required near the bookcase.  Wiring is required from button to electro magnet.

Automated Door Opener:  All automated doors are built to order, All installation of automation occurs at residence, bracket placement and door bracket mounting happens at the residence.  Proper placement is required to allow the door to fully function.  A minimum of 6" on the hinge side of the door is needed to allow the ram to function properly.   All automation requires 110 outlet near installation and this item should be installed by a licensed electrician, this system is a combination of 12 V. and 110 V. power.

Mechanical Locks:  Mechanical locks are a key lock accessible from the bookcase side, and can not be unlocked from the inside of the bookcase door.  Murphy door mechanical locks are a very secure lock and pin the top and bottom of the door to the upper jamb and threshold. 

Murphy Door Advantage VS. The Competitor

  • All of our doors include everything you need bookcase, hardware, trim, jamb.
  • FULLY ASSEMBLED!  Install just like a pre-hung door from your Big Box Hardware Store.
  • Hardware has Ball Bearings vs. Washers and NO Bolt acting as a pivot pin that will strip and wear out.
  • No Need to Buy additional components such as Jam materials to finish the Job!  Ours is included in the price.
  • Average savings of $300-$500 vs. competitor 

FREE product pickup available to intercontinental US customers by picking one of two warehouse locations during checkout.

**Door pickup will Not change production time, All doors are built to order.  Estimated times listed are production times, and do not include shipping.

Flush Mount Hardware: $5.00 (US) / $10.00 (Canada)   Same Day shipping if ordered M-F before 12pm MST with exception of holidays

Surface Mount Hardware: $10.00 (US) / $25.00 (Canada) Same Day Shipping if ordered M-F before 12pm MST with exception of holidays

All Doors Intercontinental USA: Starting at $150.00

Standard Times to Shipment:

Unstained/Unpainted Doors: 30 days for Production (ESTIMATED) add an average of 5 days for shipping.  These are not guarantee days they are simply estimated. 

Painted/Stained Doors: 45 days for production  (ESTIMATED) add an average of 5 days for shipping.  These are not guarantee days they are simply estimated.

Custom Orders: 60-90 days production time (ESTIMATED)

All quoted dates are estimated and may vary As with everything expect the full amount of time frame for your production for shipment as the minimum to help you with your scheduling. , Murphy Door Inc. makes no guarantees on delivery dates.  They are simply an estimate and we will do our best to deliver within these estimated dates.  If you need a specific time please contact our production office and we will do the best we can to accommodate you. 

East Coast Orders

Please be aware that all East Coast orders must go through our East Coast distribution center in Kentucky.  When your order is completed it may hold for a few days in our Ogden warehouse waiting for transfer.  Once your order arrives in KY it will be sorted and shipped accordingly.  If your time frame does not facilitate for a transfer and you need your freight direct, please let us know and we will price your freight direct from Ogden Utah to your location. Please be aware average savings with distribution is over $500.00.  So don't be surprised when your freight bid is really high.

All Assembled Doors to Canada* & Alaska: +$500.00

All Unassembled Doors to Canada*: $300.00

All Doors Hawaii: +$1000.00

*All taxes for Canadian orders are the responsibility of the customer and not included in the shipping price.

We can quote shipping any where in the world but the customer is responsible for import and tarriffs.

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Available Options

* Door Width:    Need Help?

Framing Requirements:

Door Size 24" 26" 28" 30" 32" 34" 36"
Rough Opening 26" x 82" 28" x 82" 30" x 82" 32" x 82" 34" x 82" 36" x 82" 38" x 82"

Total width the inside dimension of jamb is the size listed on your door option IE: 30" door is 30" inside to inside, 



* Depth:

Custom Door Size:
(Enter rough opening in 'Order Comments' section below)

* Wood:    Need Help?

The common misconception is that products made with MDF are lower quality and using all solid hardwood is superior.  There is a lof of debate, but we have found that using sheets of high quality MDF core with a hardwood veneer produces a much more stable product and standard hardwoods are much more susceptible to warping with enviromental changes, such as humidity.  We ship doors all over the country and simply cannot control these enviromental changes.  For this and other reasons, we find using a high quality MDF core provides a more consistent and stable product.

For more information on MDF, please see some of the following articles we have found contain great information and explanations.

* Assembly Options: Need Help?

All Flush Mount Doors are offered in Assembled or Unassembled.

Assembled - Doors will be delivered fully assembled  with options for Paint or stained as well as Mag Locks and opening options

Unassembled - These KD or (knock Down) Doors are the exact same High quality doors as the assembled, the fastening system to assemble are NOT the ones you find at your Big Box furniture store. These are state of the art high quality fasteners.  These doors will be delivered Completely unassembled without the options of paint or stain and NO mag lock or opener options

**Delivery Times** There is no variation of delivery times in Assembled vs. Unassembled

Click the image below to download the Assembly Instructions.

* Finish Color:    Need Help?

To view the full line of stains and paint colors for each wood type, please click the image below.

Cabinet Doors (Optional):

Lower Door Style:    Note

Note: All glass cabinet doors come with panes pre-installed using silicone, regardless of door being stained, painted or unfinished.

Lower Knob Style:   
Upper Door Style:    Note

Note: All glass cabinet doors come with panes pre-installed using silicone, regardless of door being stained, painted or unfinished.

Upper Knob Style:   
Extra Shelves:   
Fluted Casing:    Need Help?

Add a decorative trim to your hidden door with our beautiful fluted casing which runs the length of your door.

Crown Entablature: Need Help?

This beautiful Crown entablature creates a finished furniture look decorating the top of your door with several stages of moulding, creating shadow lines and offsets seperating it from our standard trim package.  This option is 5.5" tall and available in all wood types and sizes, this item is delivered fully assembled. Simply center it over your door and install the side trim as instructed.

(click on image for a larger view)

Order Comments:

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